Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?   

We respond naturally to music throughout our lives and music therapy uses this innate ability to improve wellbeing. Through music therapy, thoughts and emotions can be expressed and people can communicate without words. Music therapy can ease anxiety, stress and confusion, evoke memories and help somebody regain their sense of identity and connection with others.

What happens in a session?

The music therapist works sensitively with the client, exploring his or her needs and building a therapeutic relationship. We might explore together playing percussion and other instruments which require no previous musical skills or experience. We might sing together or listen to songs which are specially meaningful to the client, tapping into memories and emotions; sometimes we might write songs. The therapist may also play instruments for the client to listen to.

The therapist sometimes works closely with the client's family and wider support team.

What I can offer:

Individual and small group sessions for people in:

  • Care homes
  • Community groups
  • People in their own homes

I work with people with varying needs including dementia, learning disabilities and long term and life-limiting health conditions.

Please get in touch to talk about how we could work together.